Window Washing

Clean Windows can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your home. However, because of the time-consuming and sometimes difficult and dangerous nature of window cleaning, they are often overlooked. Clean Image makes it easy to give your windows the cleaning you have always wanted. 

We offer: 

  • Detailing of glass inside and out
  • Wipe the frame and exposed sills
  • Screen Cleaning 
  • Track Cleaning
  • Will move most obstacles

Power/ Pressure Washing

Clean Image proudly offers house washing services that will leave your property looking beautiful and prevent your building structure and materials from prematurely eroding. We'll come to your home for: 

  • Superior technology and cleansers that will remove mildew, algae, dirt and other buildup. This helps eliminate health hazards so you can breath safely. 
  • A soft wash technique that will gently and effectively clean your home. We use this as a safe alternative to high pressure washing which wreaks havoc on your home building materials. 
  • Stain and streak removal that will eliminate any discoloration and aesthetic problems from your exterior.

Exterior and Interior Cleaning Services 

Clean Image also offers home cleaning services to make the interior and exterior shine and stay fresh for healthy living. These services include: 

  • Dusting of interior & exterior structures and furniture 
  • Wiping down interior & exterior structures, furniture, and grounds
  • Maid Services for generalized cleaning, sweeping, and day to day activities
  • Special Event assistance to help set up and clean prior and after an event